Friday, 4 January 2013

Tips About Writing Exam

So here I'm Gonna Post some Do's and Dont's While Giving The Exam....
  • Revise all Your Learning Early In the morning On the day of eXAM.
  • Firstly read the whole Question Paper
  • Start maths paper with the 10 marks question.
  • Then Attempt Science 5 Marks Question.
  • Then attempt Science 3 marks Questions Followed By Maths 3 marks Questions.
  • Then Try to attempt rest Of the Question.
  • If your writing speed is Slow Then its quite sure that you r not gonna solve the whole exam in limited time so better solve Long questions of maths and do same for science.
  • For the Second Exam You r going to have lot of time so attempt the paper Slowly and write with good hand writing. I'm telling this bcoz I had finished this paper in 1 hr and was having nothing to do after that.
  • Now the most important thing is that answer every question weather you know or not.
  • Dont waste time on MCQ in 1st examination.
  • Do not leave any question thinking I'll do it later.
  • Do not start doing paper without reading whole paper first.
  • Do not waste time in making good writing for the first exam.
  • And Finally Don't be nervous. All izz Well.......

SSGK Last year entrance Exam Papers

 Well I was searching my cupboards For old Books and I found SSGK entrance paper which I had got for Preparation from the school with Admit Card. So I decided to Upload It for Ur help.Its of year 2011.I'm not having Scanner so I had taken pic's of Paper wich are not of good quality but if u r needy then u can have your preparation with them.At least you can easily read them.
And the paper is for class 9th entrance. Sorry!!!! I Couldn't found anyone with 6th entrance paper.

Here is the link from where you can get it. And I think it is being compressed by website so It is gonna Require B1 Free Archiver.
And here is the link for paper

And if anyone is having any other paper Plz upload it here..........

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Peer Pressure Of Final Days

So here I'm How to handle the peer pressure of the final days  of entrance exam.

I'm quit sure that most of u would be irritated from your parents these days as they would be asking u to focus on reading every time.So its time to ignore them all and have a proper rest time ,if they switch off TV then start ur Pc if it is also switched off go for outdoor games but give proper rest to brain.

And about preparing for exams ,Just be cool and revise all your books ,Its not the time to learn something new just revise. Go through all NCERT books ,it would help the most.Give preference to Maths And especially Algebra and  Freedom movement for SSc and practice some reported speech for English  Go through your science book also. And most important is to go through last years paper at least 2-3 times.

My advice is to play well and study well.